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Viy 3D (2013; продюссер/актер)

The mystery of inhabitants of the isolated village should stay in these woods forever…

…Early 18th century. Cartographer Jonathan Green makes a journey from Europe to the East. During his trip through Transylvania he understands that he has lost his way. Having wandered in mist for quite a long time he finds himself in a small Cossack village. People here live isolated having fenced themselves from any contacts with the outer world. What do these people hide? What are they afraid of and why are they hiding themselves? The scientist decides to unravel the mystery related to the name of the unusual mythic creature Viy. Ancient Slavic tales come to life…

You think you know the story of Viy? Get ready to change your mind.

The Marsian (2012; producer)

The world was preparing this expedition for several dozens years. They thought that they will be the first on Mars. They thought that they will open the way to the whole mankind… Enigmatic unexplainable events that will occur in cosmos during the flight will change the fates not only of the spaceship crew but of the Earth. Who is at fault that the spaceship wrecked? Why it’s only captain who remained on Mars? What is he destined to suffer? The whole world will follow this. And not only ours…

Solider (2012; producer)

The main character of the film will have to get not only through the atrocities of war, to save the world and to get to know all “pleasant sides” of the peaceful life, where ordinary people sometimes are much more dangerous than the most terrible and mature woes. And when one seems to lose the reason to life one has to continue fighting to keep the word given to one’s friend. One has to go further whatever it might cost. One must live even in spite of the fact that only one omitted insulin injection might take your life

Low of the lawless2:Heir (2012,actor)

The movie is the ideological sequel of the TV series “Law of the Lawless”. However, the emphasis is shifted towards the story of Alexander Bely’s son Ivan. This is the movie about modern Russia. It’s about politics, corruption, cynicism of big business and intelligence agencies, everything that is on everyone’s lips. It’s about a new generation, that having learnt the truth about the parents’ dirty business, doesn’t follow in their footsteps, but chooses a new way. The ideas of honor, love and Motherland are important to them. The main character, having lived abroad comfortably, nonetheless is choosing Russia and stays there, hoping to bring these ideals into the lives of his friends and the country on the whole.

Boris Godunov (2012;actor)

No Sleep (pre-production,producer)

Are you sure that you are not sleeping at any given moment? Do you believe that a dream can never change your life? Do you know where the borderline between a dream and reality is? Are you always sure to wake up today?

There were three of them. Him, her, and her junior brother into the bargain. They had a common business of the kind parents never approve. But it was very lucrative! And they planned to have a long and happy life!

But one day, in broad daylight, in the center of a busy town, some man calmly shoots a person and walks away. And nobody stops him. Nobody even sees him! Except her…

To Be or Not To Be (2011;producer,director)

Two experienced policemen investigate the case of a triple murder in the theatre. One of the four actors that happened to be in the one dressing room, survived. Several characters of the tragedy are suspected, including the famous actress, staying in a mental health clinic for compulsory treatment. What led all of them to the tragic outcome? Who is guilty of the deaths of the people? What mysteries live behind the theatrical curtains? The main character – the spectator of the psychological thriller in the “live” stile “To Be or Not To Be” is looking for the answers to these questions. THE POWER OF THE WORD. THE CADUCITY OF FAME. THE CRISIS OF THE GENRE.








Snow doesnt Melt Forever (2008;producer)

The atmosphere around Love is always rough. The name of the main heroine is also Lubov’ (Love in Russian). This movie is a labyrinth of her inner search. What is she looking for? She is trying to find an exit from the “underground”, which she imprisoned herself into, while working on a book. But it turns out that this book has already been written by some mythological Japanese writer: a woman, who lived in the 16th century… Lubov’ bought the book incidentally at an antiques bookshop, when she lived in Japan with her husband and their daughter. This book is about a boundless and interminable Valley. People come to the Valley in search of love. Being helplessly tied to Nothing, they plunge onto the bottom of this Valley, wishing to shake different burdens off their souls, and in the long run they realize, that Love means not only passion and tenderness, but fear and pain as well. Perhaps, the things are not always like that… But all the characters of the movie are doomed to suffer a burning flame of pain.

This is the law of ascension to a different kind of Love, which tears the heart day and night, breaking it to pieces, and raises the soul to a higher spiritual level. Who is the man, who Lubov’ is going to love? Does he even exist in this world?






The Last Quest (2008; producer/actor)

Gia is a goner, as he calls himself. People around him are goners too, just like him. Drugs, alcohol, and idleness fill their lives. Man lives while his soul is alive in him, and Gia’s soul is still warm. That is why he receives a message through a beggar that he is a chosen person who is to find Goddess Dali, or Love. Many people tried to find Dali, many men perished on this quest, but the ancient legend says that only the chosen ones were able to find her, only those men who have realized that Love lives in your own self. The drama evolves against the background of the “Dead City” where there are no children and animals, where there is no Love. It is very difficult to find the goddess in a city of that kind, nobody but a truly obsessed person can do it.






Alien Pile (carton) (2007; producer/voice)

The action takes place on the Earth in the distant future. After global heating our planet has become deserted and has been declared a reservation. Two friends, Al and Max, go fishing without knowing how lucky they are: they catch a suitcase with a Heap of Money.

But their joy doesn’t last long: two unscrupulous and cruel cutthroats – Body 1 and Body 2 – burst into Al’s and Max’s lives with the aim of bringing back the lost money to their boss, blood-thirsty general Joe. But that’s not very easy, because part of the money has already been spent.

Now the lives of the four entirely depend upon the sum of money collected on time, which is simply impossible to find within such a short period of time. In order to “restore” the Heap of Money, the characters have to unite their efforts.

But general Joe is not their only danger. An Alien, who arrived from another planet, shows intense interest in the four unlucky guys. Even Intergalactic Interpol is not able to stop him. And all of them are to undergo another test… the last one.






Shift (2006;actor)

A young seismologist, who lives in Amsterdam, along with a popular journalist, accidentally become the participants of a deadly game, lead by an international syndicate that plans to take over the power (with the help of a seismological weapon) in the republics of the former Soviet Union. Russian Secret Services, that provide security for the heads of the summit of the region of the Kaspiiskoe Sea, intervene in this case.

Velvet Revolution (2005; producer/actor)

The film, an action of which occurs in both hemispheres of the terrestrial globe, with the participation of presidents, bosses of drug cartels, agents of state security services, and powerful secret organizations, begins from a shocking, but quite “domestic skirmish”. A drug Mafiosi is beating his employee with a golf club, with the purpose of educating him, because his mobile phone had been stolen by a hard working agent of the state security services.

Having recognized the incommensurableness of the punishment and the level of his fault, the mutilated gangster is one of the first heroes of the film who asks the question: “What do we actually know about the world we live in?” But he will not have the time to think about the answer. The agent, who took his property, not thinking that a mobile phone could be as dangerous as an atomic bomb, will seek an answer to this question.

The speed of the following events is equivalent to its entertaining content. Secret codes, solutions, of an enigma, persecutions, newly discovered corpses… There’s no joke to this mystery: an unveiling of this mystery will destroy all preexisting comprehensions about international politics in the mind of the people.







Nothing ever Happened (2005; producer/cameo)

Don’t be in doubts about those who you love – your doubts may come true. Two people of different ages are going on holiday. He is older and that’s why appreciates her youth and naivety. It seems to her that she is not experienced and emancipated enough for him. Having started the game “a driver – a hitch-hiker”, instead of reaching a certain sexual excitement they show themselves from unexpected sides. None of them is able to stop and there is nothing else to be told each other.

JACKED (actor / producer)

How to stay alive after having caught a million on the angle? Especially if this million belongs to the Big Boss, Ex-mad dog (Michael Madsen) from the films of Quentin Tarantino, who is ready to bait not only “black mamba” on you, but two of his bodyguards – Body 1 (Alexander Karpov) and Body 2 (Alexey A. Petrukhin). Besides, part of the money is already spent. The heroes have only 48 hours to find and return the money and to rid themselves from the companions that are not be trifled with.